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Products > Toys > venting toys > shrilling chicken
Product name : shrilling chicken
Item : 201341154114
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Name :               Shrilling Chicken, venting toys, funy toys
Model:                 Small   /  Medium  /  Large
Material:              Rubber
N/W:                    40g/ 1 small pcs      100g/ 1 medium pcs        180g / 1 large pcs
Length:               about  small pcs: 17cm   /     medium pcs: 32cm      /      large pcs: 42cm
Packing :             
Box dimension:   

Vedio demo:

1. Funny toys, can relax your stress
2. It makes a horrble loud shrieking sound when squeezed.

1. Material:rubbery plastic
2. It makes a horrible loud shrieking sound when squeezed.
3. Give the Chicken a squeeze and watch out,your dog goes into a howling,barking frenzy!The shrilling Chicken goes crazy and starting shrieking like mad.
4. The noise the Chicken makes when you squeeze hime is as annoying as any sound you have ever heard.
5. It has different effects on different people as some just crack up and want to squeeze it again and again.Others want to run scraming from the room.
6. It's great for both the home and office but especially a childrens party.

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